General rental conditions

The renting becomes effective, only after the agreement of the Tourist Office of Grand Périgueux, materialized by the acknowledgment of receipt and the cashing of the amount, represented by the deposit.


The contract must be returned within 8 days, under penalty of cancellation of the reservation of the rental. For reasons beyond its control, the Tourist Office of the Grand Périgueux may have to cancel a rental. In this case, the reimbursement of the corresponding sums paid, excluding all damages and interest, releases the owner from any liability when the cancellation is imposed by :

  • the failure of a camping provider,
  • circumstances of force majeure,
  • the safety of holidaymakers.

Terms of cancelation :

It step in, if within 48 hours of the expected date of arrival, the tenant is unable to present, for one of the following reasons:

  • accident, serious illness or death of the tenant, his spouse, his ascendants or descendants,
  • accident, serious illness or death of any person accompanying the tenant and registered on the same rental contract.

The tenant and / or his assigns undertake to bring all the necessary documents and justifications.

In the absence of any written message from the tenant stating that he has to postpone the date of his arrival, the rental will become available 48 hours after the scheduled date, and payment of all benefits will be due.

All chalet and mobile home rentals are from Saturday 4 pm – to Saturday 10 am. Any rental contract must be accompanied by a deposit (25% of the rental), only the deposit will be deducted from the total amount of the stay.

The balance of the stay is due 15 days before the beginning of the stay.

On arrival, it is requested the payment of a deposit of 250 euros, which will not be cashed.

Each chalet or mobile home contains all the kitchen equipment, table, as well as bedding (except sheets and linens), and a garden furniture.

After the inventory for departure made with the manager, a deduction of deteriorations and / or missing, the deposit will be returned the same day, or returned by mail in case of early departure.

The cleaning of the chalet / mobilhome is the responsibility of the tenant, at the end of the stay, the installation must be restored in perfect state of cleanliness. In the opposite case, a sum of 50 euros will be requested or retained on the deposit.

The rental is firm and final for the duration indicated; in case of late arrival or departure before the end of the stay, all of it will be due.

In the event of a serious breach of the present disposal, and if the departure is necessary, the totality of the planned stay will remain due and acquired.

In the event of a dispute, the Tribunal de Périgueux will have sole jurisdiction.

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