Rules of Procedure – Fishing 2018


Fishing in the lake is subject to a fishing permission. Private fishing pond.


  • The fishing is open:
    • from March 10th to April 14th : Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays
    • Opening of the carp on April 14
    • From April 14th until September 18th, every day
    • For annual card holders, until October 7th, on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays
  • Fishing is open during these periods, from sunrise to sunset, legal hours.
  • Any fisherman caught outside these hours will be penalized.
  • Carp fishing at night is prohibited.


The fishing “dead or alive” cane posed, is prohibited until May 15th.

  • Only fishing with simple hooks is allowed (bident or trident prohibited).
  • It is strictly forbidden to leave the canes alone, if not put them non-fishing.
  • It is strictly forbidden to bait with maggots.
  • Fishing with 1 cane until April 14th. From April 14th, 3 canes.
  • Do not occupy more than 5 m of bank per fisherman.
  • The wife of the card holder can fish with a “pennoness”, rod without reel.
  • Any throwing activity by a child involves the purchase of a card.
  • From March 10 to May 15, fishing is prohibited.
  • From the 1st of June to September 30th, when swimming is open, fishing is forbidden on the dike, and is only allowed in the part of the lake, specially reserved for fishermen.
  • Fishing near paddle boats, and on paddle boats is strictly prohibited.
  • Fishing by boat or pedal boat is prohibited.
  • Half-day fishing is established as follows :
    • Morning: from sunrise to 14h
    • Afternoon: from 14h to sunset
    • Anyone taken outside of these hours will be penalized
  • Size of the fish :
    • Pike – Equal or greater than 60 cm – Opening on May 1st
    • Sandre – Equal or greater than 50 cm – Opening on May 1st
    • Trout – equal to or greater than 30 cm
    • Black Bass – Equal or greater than 40 cm – Opening on May 1st
  • Any fish below the “prescribed size” must be immediately returned to the water.
  • Owners of a day fishing permission will be able to carry 8 trout, those who will be entitled to a half-day fishing permission will be able to carry 5 trout. Quotas will be strictly controlled.
  • It is forbidden to carry more than 3 kg of fish per fisherman, all fish combined.
  • It is forbidden to take live catches outside the lake.
  • Any mode of preservation, whatever it is, is strictly forbidden. After photo and weighing the catch, release immediately.
  • Carp fishing is done with barbless hooks. Checks will be made.
  • Weekend fishing is limited in number of positions, at the discretion of the persons in charge of the surveillance.
  • It is required to release all carp.
  • A reception mat is mandatory.
  • Priming is strictly prohibited, except fishing. Priming during fishing is limited to 1 kg per fisherman. Anyone caught priming without fishing will be immediately excluded, and no fishing permissions will be released. The entry by the Campsite is absolutely forbidden.


  • Every fisherman must be able to present his fishing permission, or acquire them each request by the person responsible for enforcing the rules.
  • Any breach of the rules of procedure will be immediately sanctioned and will result in a fishing ban, as well as the renewal of a fishing card.

The Delegate in charge of the Neufont site, Pierre JAUBERTIE

Download the settlement.
Download the carpiste settlement.